New Atlantis

Posted by adminNY on December 14, 2020

In the truth It lives and Bacon perhaps they have given appeasements a step so that the humanity continues dreaming of a perfect world, exactly that is one ‘ ‘ Utopia’ ‘. 4) In New Atlantis, Bacon considers a perfect society. This utopian society if characterizes highly for being denseness biotechnological and scientifically. We can thus, to say that Bacon makes one species forecast of our world, of the modern world. We can imagine for a moment that Bacon made and made right prevision for terms today a society highly developed technologically, as of its workmanship.

The man already has the airplane to assist it and to become the life machismo. Already we have benefactions vaccines, transplants, cures, nonagenarians, remedies, great part of them for who can defray them. By the way, we have dissociates: a technologically inserted and other to the edge of this technology. Catching as example a small clipping of the socialized brassiere we can affirm that we live in a society directed toward o’ ‘ yer’ ‘ in detriment of ‘ ‘ tier’ ‘. Where each Man/Underrepresented a number in it I register in castrate of the governments for all the life:

To each two years, at time of Election, this number passes represent arum vote that generally is conquered by another number, of the notes buys that it, therefore having is priority. The man of today does not have the religion as a bow with af, but yes as a company. F/Religion, in our society Turned business odes ‘ ‘ bons’ ‘. We have today emitting of tev bought with the faith. It venturous it for the politics as members of the house of representatives, senators, councilmen and mayors to participator of the power, since today more is not had the church the front of the state.


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