Scandinavian Genes

Posted by adminNY on June 21, 2019

If suddenly in remote corners of our planet will appear in large numbers are high and fair-haired children, if they are very good cyclists will either be easily juggling three languages, the explanation will need to look in the Danish city of Aarhus. Students in this town, as it turns out, have engaged in populating the world. Every day they go to a sperm bank Cryos International – the largest in the world and, after some research, make an anonymous contribution as a sperm donor. After that, their sperm frozen and sent to 40 countries. Some of the destinations – Spain, Paraguay, Kenya, Hong Kong and New York. Denmark leads the aggressive marketing by countries of the world, with an emphasis on special Norse mythology, which attracts some people. On the U.S.

site Danish sperm donors are listed under the pseudonyms Thor, Arve and Jens – the student showing off her blond hair, blue eyes and tall. He enjoys football and skiing, badminton and Latin American dancing. He plays the piano and knows 3 languages. Moreover, he has post-graduate department of physical chemistry. In recent years, many European banks sperm away from the policy of guaranteed anonymity when using donor sperm. But the law changed are due to lack of donors in some countries and made Denmark an attractive place for 'Sperm-tourism'. Most of the donors – students earning some extra money. The probability that in 20 years to their threshold may suddenly come to a child, most of them are not considered.

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