Seize The Last Chance

Posted by adminNY on August 26, 2014

This phrase is very fond of pronouncing my friend Nikita. He liked to live like champagne – to come on holidays, with fireworks exploding emotions. He was burning through his life, as sparkler. And when at one point realized that he took everything from life, someone offered him drugs – opium try From the moment I stopped to find out in another former Nikita: faded appearance, lethargy, solid trouble He resigned from his parents, his girlfriend left. Nikita was from me shrug. "I do not need" – he cried, when I tried to catch him on the phone. Still, I found out where Nikita rents an apartment and hurried to the address. He stood on the edge of the sill.

Under his feet on the height of ten floor buzzed the city. The city, which he conquered by his charm, which he lit the incredible charisma and erudition. The city, which gave him his first dose He sat down immediately after the first injection. And now he stood on a windowsill, dreaming of suicide. I caught his arm, when his mind is already doomed to slide down, and the whole body rushed to the ground. After I saved from suicide, Nikita, I realized that it must be rescued from the reasons for this step – narcotics. We turned to Dr.

Nazaraliev – Dr. Life. I will not describe all the treatments doctors Nazralieva, they can be found on the official site of the clinic. The main thing is that the clinic doctor Nazaraliev and his method Nikita back to my old life. It reappeared spark thirst for discoveries. He leads a healthy lifestyle. Succeeding in business. And just recently married a beautiful girl. Nikita is still repeating my phrase about that everything in life, you should try. "That's just doing everything must be within reasonable limits, without crossing the line when you are not able to control himself, situations. And that's what often happens when you start to use drugs ", – says Nikita.


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