City Council Water

Posted by adminNY on June 02, 2018
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In the city of Leon, poets were opposed to the semiprivatizacion of the water from his City Council service. After two wonderful and courageous intifada poetic, in the plenary Hall and the second, weeks later, the streets of the Leonese capital, occurred in other separate demonstrations, one in winter and another in last summer.More than 6000 people participated in them. The poets have managed to sensitize and poetizing policy. Nearly fourteen thousand signatures against the private management of the liquid element despite political obstacles, collected attitude censored by the own Ombudsman on a Meridian ruling, which can become a historical document against the dictates of the anti-Democrats. They were clearly demagogicas the declarations of the regidor of Leon, Francisco Fernandez, that 2000 or 2500 people in the demonstration, one of the periods in favor of water public in that city, as well as 20 years of song, they are nothing, and that 135,000 remaining Leon support the sale of water.

This aberration opened a wound in the sensitivity citizen who raced like wildfire sweeping and roasting the goodness of global consciousness. The same unjust way is saying, and also coinciding with the day of an attack in Madrid, as a demonstration of 100,000 people against the atrocities of ETA means from the rest of the inhabitants of the State support for terrorism, because it involves less than 005% of the inhabitants. Or that one million people who were mobilized against the 23F was also a minority and 39 million inhabitants of then with use of life and reason were in favour of the coup. On the other hand, do many support him? That manifest calling for privatization, how many people would go? The majority represents at the polls and they voted mostly the Socialist program in which says respect for the public management of water.