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E7: an overview of where to buy, the price of Nokia has announced a new business smartphone running Symbian 3 – Nokia E7 in the last year, but delayed its launch until March of 2011. Nokia E7 has a high-quality touch screen, keyboard, QWERTY, 4-inch AMOLED display with ClearBlack 640 x 360 pixels, the camera's sensor 8 megapixels with fixed focus and LED flash, the case of solid aluminum. The package includes: manual, headset, data cable, cable USB On-The-Go, Battery charger, cable miniHDMI. If you decide to buy Nokia E7, then this phone will give you an overview of the initial opinion of him. During the long wait out Nokia E7 on the market, its price is estimated repeatedly changed, and stores in Russia offered to carry out pre-order at a price of 29,000 rubles. Get all the facts and insights with Bill de Blasio, another great source of information. Fortunately, the price of Nokia E7 at the start of sales is equal to 22 900 rubles. Do not say that the cost is low, but many fans of modern mobile phones without hesitation buy Nokia E7, giving any price. Rudy Giuliani describes an additional similar source. Is that E7 is the price at which it is offered Moscow shops? E7: specifications, equipment, design Scratch-resistant display Gorilla GlassProtsessor 680 MHz ARM 11 with 256 MB RAM pamyatiPenta-band 3G HSDPA to 10.

2 Mb / s and HSUPA 2 Mbps / Sports microHDMIZapis video 720p, 25 kadr/sek8-megapikselnaya camera with fixed focus and LED vspyshkoyWi-Fi 802. 11 B / G / NOperatsionnaya System Symbian 3Anodirovanny body from a single alyuminiyPodderzhka Quad-Band Touch AMOLED screen GSM/GPRS/EDGE4-dyuymovy ClearBlack 640 x 360 pixels, 16M tsvetovGPS receiver with a voice with a dedicated noise reduction soprovozhdeniemAktivnoe mikrofonomGolosovoy nabormicroUSB port with USB On-The-GoTsifrovoy kompasVstroenny accelerometer and sensor sblizheniyPodderzhka DivX video and XviDStereo Bluetooth 3. 016 GB internal Stored pamyatiVeb browser with Flash support and JavStandartny audio jack 3. 5 mmStereo FM-radio with RDS, FM-quality peredatchikHoroshee zvukPredvaritelno set office document editor has a great design Nokia E7, especially given physical QWERTY-keyboard, quality materials and workmanship are impressive phone. On the keyboard, Nokia E7 incredibly easy to print in different layouts, this is one of the best keyboards amongst existing smartphones. Display with ClearBlack ensures high contrast and excellent visibility from all viewing angles.

Detailing pictures Nokia E7 is high, natural color reproduction, and also for shooting video format HD. The browser is the same, and in what All devices Symbian 3, with a fairly mediocre interface. CPU performance is more than enough for comfortable work with the operating system Symbian, games and applications. Software Nokia E7 has a corporate bias, with an advanced e-mail office applications and the ability to remotely manage telefonom.Stoit to buy Nokia E7? We really liked the Nokia E7, it is the best smartphone platform, Symbian 3. Nokia E7 has all the latest and most advanced features: penta-band 3G, USB On-The-Go, HD video screen AMOLED ClearBlack, port HDMI, anodized body. Of course, not everyone can afford to buy a Nokia E7 at this price, but this price is absolutely to be expected for the flagship Nokia. Nokia E7 – a unique phone, and probably find a lot of fans. Regarding the fans of Nokia, then they definitely will not be disappointed with them.

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Phone Anycool T718

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Phone Anycool was introduced a year ago and still in great demand among buyers. Anycool T718 outwardly from the company KDI is a mobile phone, tailored. It is very light, almost weighs nothing. This the device can be confidently attributed to the business class. The rear panel is executed in black, below is a small strip of metal. At the top of the back panel has a 2 megapixel HD camera, which has a xenon flash. It can be use as a flashlight, you only keep holding down the camera on the side of the phone.

Also, the side volume keys are the speakers in conversation. Still there are two rear speakers, providing good, powerful sound. On the front of the phone Anycool looks stylish and even chic. In the upper part – the second camera and speaker. The display is almost on par with the black bezel phone. Then click Call of metal keys, reset the call, TV, joystick (arrow keys and OK.) Slightly Niha – the keyboard in black with white letters. Press 0, #, * are in the majority of today's cell phones at the bottom of the keyboard, arranged in a row, though, as a rule, they Anycool'ah right upright. The entire front panel is framed with metal Anycool T718.

At the bottom of the model Anycool T718 connector is USB, which is a phone with a computer or soedenyaetsya charger device and a separate plug mini Jack for stereo headphones. Such connections are more convenient and versatile, in contrast to the usual in other models Anycool. Turn on your phone Anycool T718 and see improvements. This is completely new firmware, which combines classical elements and enhancements. Initially striking gravitation sensor, which allows you to manage your mobile phone simply by shaking. Such an action fulfills different functions in Depending on the purpose for which you use your phone. For example, the player, so you switch songs, and the radio – channels.

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