More And More Internet Users Are Interested In

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AGOF study: More than half of Internet users are interested in fashion and shoes. Even though fashion and shoes only to prove their true quality on the body of the wearer, the fitting when purchasing plays apparently only a subordinate role. Sales of fashion items via the Web anyway, is booming. Almost a quarter of Internet users (22.5 percent) to buy their clothes already through the online channel. This corresponds to 8.26 million Germans. But the digital medium has established itself not only as a sales channel. The function as the mainstream is more important: two-fifths (40.1 percent) of users, i.e.

14.7 million potential buyers, consult the Internet on fashion items and shoes. Comes to this result the special evaluation fashion and footwear of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft online research (AGOF), the “Broadest group of users” (WNK: all Germans that 14 years have used the Internet in the past three months) examined. Therefore every second user who is online informed about fashion items and shoes, also becomes the online buyer. The According to survey but still more potential customers in the power napping, because more than half of the online community has a particular interest in products of this segment. 52.3 percent of users engaged in, according to the study, like fashion and shoes. This corresponds to 19.15 million German citizens. Furthermore, 78 percent of users, so 28,55 million people have acquired, fashion items or shoes during the survey period from July to September 2006.

It is also striking that the fashion interested users show an above-average open to advertising. While 45.4 percent of the total population often “did find according to own through advertising interesting products”, 55.7 percent of Internet users can say that online learn about fashion. Also popular: Fashion and music as advertising environment in particular sites to which music CDs or tickets as well as flight and rail tickets or vacations are dealing with books,. For users who have bought fashion and shoes via the Web, give her Money also for products from these segments from. So, 60.6 percent of fashion online buyers have ordered even books about the Internet, about half refers to tickets via digital order. Looks similar to the thing for those interested in fashion, of which more than two-thirds have a soft spot for music CDs (71.8 percent), books (69.8 percent) and vacations (66.5 percent) respectively. The Internet facts collected four times per year and form the basis of planning of advertising campaigns in the Internet. The special evaluation fashion and footwear refers to the third quarter of 2006 graphics: InternetWorld

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New York Times Gold

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It is not surprising, because the navel earring always attracts the eye and perfectly suits slim your waistline. The end of XX century. American top model Christy Turlington appeared on the catwalk during London fashion show with a ring in your navel! Her navel piercing caused a stir! At this point you can determine the time when the trend of piercing your navel acquired international fame. The next day Naomi Campbell showed the world what she can do the same thing, and Christy Turlington, a gold ring with a small jewel in her navel was’ – Suzy Menkes, in September 1994, the New York Times. Today’s navel piercing is one in three people on the planet. Instead of ordinary “piece of iron ‘modern piercing shell out for the ladies in red, white and yellow gold. And not in vain! After all, tight, tanned belly piercing with gold in the center looks very sexy! And if navel sparkle and shimmer semi-precious or precious stones, and chic.

Now for the navel piercings choice is quite wide: from a small ‘fly’ to decorate the floor-belly. Current models are not Pupkova Piercing Her Majesty The only fashion but also comfort – they do not cling to clothes, do not interfere with compression of the abdomen, can be easily removed and dress. Navel piercing procedure in the salon in less than 15 minutes, then inserts a master of the earring Surgical steel. Carries it for 4-5 months, you can safely switch to gold piercings because gold, like steel, will not cause allergic reactions, but, unlike steel, it looks more feminine and elegant.

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