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South Urals

Posted by adminNY on January 09, 2019
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The basic material racks – D16T alloy, and aluminum are. Usually all the same steel. It should also talk a bit about the materials from which made the bottom of the tent and the tent. The names of these materials often cause doubts about his cryptic symbols. In fact, it's simple. All fabric awnings are polyurethane film, for example, PV 2000/5000. The numbers "2000 / 5000" – a water-resistant fabrics 2000 and 5000 mm of water column. This, in fact, attention You can not pay particularly.

The average density of tissue usually 75D – 150D or 180 tons – 250t (depending on the tissue) – a lower density is not worth taking. Based on materials from the bottom – about the same things, only the density of the tissue and its water resistance, as should normally be higher than the awning. A few tips for choosing a tent in relation to Orenburg, South Ural conditions … Given that heavy rains in the Orenburg region – this is quite a rare phenomenon, consequently, the water resistance is likely to fit any tilt of the entire arsenal of selling now tents. But the other side of the short and torrential rains – the water after they are often on the ground.

Because of Why, it would be desirable to take a tent with a solid bottom and a greater water resistance, and this is the bottom should also go without seams slightly upward from the ground. To the inner mesh tent windows, and especially pay attention should not be – in the South Urals slimy absent, and the mosquitoes and black flies inhibits any grid. It is important to pay attention to the locks, as they sometimes come with marriage. Several times he saw that the tent pegs – plastic. It certainly makes weight tent, but in this case it is better to just do them in place of the branches. If in the future – rocky or hard soil – are needed steel poles, which in principle not difficult to make and own. For myself, I thought it best option to buy 3-gable tents for foreign production. It's just that the majority of domestic gable tent canopy bottom edge is painfully high above zamley – lost its resistance to cold … and heavier they were, by weight, than imported ones. Chose a variant with stands on the grounds that the rack in case of breakage (although it is steel rack never broke) at any time may be replaced by other available timber. 3 person – as wider use – up to 4 persons capacity. In size and weight is not much more happened in the end than the 2-local analog … The temperature minimum – a three-layer sleeping bag and clothes comfortable to -6, -8 degrees without heating. But I still close my extra something to open the front of the tent. By the way, some arched tent allow for more in terms of negative temperatures – but I'm already in this weather on the nature of trying not to spend the night. Even at gable – the form most often inside a rectangular (elongated to 250-280 cm). Therefore, the head often has an internal storage area, which usually throw it, it's best not to store on the street – a camera, a guitar and other things. Yes and, in general, put a tent on me, it's easier than the Arc.

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Immigrant Absorption

Posted by adminNY on September 16, 2018
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Children of immigrants admitted to school, but two classes below. After leaving school, all children pass the required examination and is incredibly difficult – Abitur, which resulted in his or enroll in college or not. Getting to Germany in adolescence age, the child runs the risk not to pass abitur and, therefore, casts doubt on their further education in this country. That the child has a chance to continue to receive higher education and employment to move to Germany is 10 years. Danny Meyer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Or at home after the first (second best) policy of the university. If the universities of the CIS practice runs at the end of their studies, in Germany – after the first year. As a rule, in the process of training students begin to look for a future job. This rule allows young professionals and do not stay on the street, and employers can look to the future employee.

Adult immigrant gets completely under other frameworks. Even confirmed in accordance with German law degrees are considered employers no more than a recommendation and are not a reason to take the job. This refers to any skill labor. Important fact – in Germany is highly developed system recommendations. Students studying in the country, advised Acquires acquaintances who can help in finding work. Myth 3. Learn the language of the place and may actually in fact not knowing the language can play a cruel joke. No language emigrant falls into a vicious circle: there is no language – no communication, no communication – no work, no job – no money, no money – no housing, no shelter – no communication.

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