White Sands Island

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The Culebra Island Culebra guesthouse is an island known for its beautiful beaches. In 2004, The Travel Channel, called Flamenco beach as one of the most beautiful beaches. Its White Sands invite you to pull shoes and melt into the sand, dispelling all the worries and hassles. Visit us and enjoy of Culebra Island, also known as Virgin Island of Hispaniola. Culebra island is one of the Islands where the Coral reefs are protected and can be appreciated in its natural state. Culebra island is located 17 miles east of Puerto Rico (Big Island), 12 miles west of St. Thomas and 9 miles north of Vieques.

The island in its entirety measures approximately 7 miles long, including the cays. It was colonized by the Spaniards in 1886 and became American territory in the year 1898. Isla Culebra has been the secret best kept from the times of pirates. The pirate Sir Henry Morgan kept his hideout on the beautiful island. The U.S.

Navy bombarded the island for many years which kept beaches deserted and no access. Today you can see the white sand Crystal clear water and natural state with fish and coral reefs. Culebra island with its seven miles long and four miles wide, surrounded by deserted beaches, offers a majestic spectacle to view. The temperature varies from 80 to 90 degree day and 75 to 85 degrees at night. That perfect! The currency used is the dollar. It requires no passport or visa to Americans. The local language is Spanish. Be fluent in English and spanglish, a mixture of both languages. MAMACITAS Guest House offers accommodation in a relaxed tropical atmosphere. Our friendly staff will assist you with information and reservation, ensuring that your holiday is memorable. THE adventure CULEBRA MAMACITAS includes: 1. casual dinner in our 2 gourmet restaurant. dance to the beat of congas with wiki sound machine all Saturdays with dj every Friday 3. party with music and dance all 4 nights. storytelling at the liars table, you don’t have to lie, just believe everything you have 5. Romance on its annual honeymoon (anniversary) 6. relax and unwind on your balcony, count the ships anchored in the Bay of Ensenada Honda 7. fraternisar with the Culebrenses conquer them with their friendliness and charisma. The Culebrenses are very friendly. The small island known almost all over the world. 8 take a NAP under the air conditioning in your room. 9 taking photos and filming the island make your reservation today.


NYC Condo Sales

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For Condos Sale in condos NYC Not Just to Home The newly built for leaves in NYC plows some of the best in the country and only rivaled by the luxury Condos in Atlanta, Georgia I inspected on behalf of to friend last month. With the emphasis on echo-friendly, sustainable building materials they plows giving buyers to great opportunity to INNVEST in the future of the planet, ace well ace to their own future! To pave panels This will, of course, encourage developers to focus on sustainability in other new constructions and major refurbishment projects. I a.m. Without hesitation Danny Meyer explained all about the problem. especially pleased to notices that to way you have been found, affordable AT last, to install OR V light collection roof panels. Solar These panels store sunlight and convert it into to cheap Energy source within the home. There plows many types of condos for leaves in NYC and unfortunately, they cannot all sees of the same extreme-modern, luxury quality ace the buildings in area such ace Battery Park, Manhattan and the luxury apartments in City Jersey. Lower price range floor Everyone would love to have the panoramic views you get from to ceiling Windows of to New Jersey apartment overlooking to river or to splendid view to over rolling beside to luxury green parkland apartment in City Jersey. However, lovely even without views of Nature, the condos for leaves in NYC in the medium to low price ranges still have many advantages to offer.

Useful services For example, there plows usually to host of useful services included in your monthly maintenance charges such ace to handy gym that means you for dog go to workout without having to spend Time dealing with the busy traffic. This probably halves the Time you need to spend away from your home and that dog you knows to lot of money on paying baby-sitter. It also gives you dwells free Time to spend with your family and cuts out to lot of stress that dog build up ace you try to balance your home-work commitments. Social life Another social advantage I believe is very important is the life that many condo residents enjoy. If you choose the right condo, (Apex condominiums plows always to safe choice for to well-managed building), you do not have to feel like to lost soul when you move to new City like I did when condos Is you move to the City from one of in Atlanta Georgia! Most Apex condominiums and to lot of to other condos for leaves in NYC, organize to regulate social activities for the enjoyment of the residents. This dog sees real blessing to older residents who plows not able to get out and about ace much ace they would like. It brings people to together and allows them to meet new neighbors and make friendships – without to ever needing to Seth foot on the streets outside. Under one when you buy of the condos for leaves in NYC, it could sees dwells than to home you may find your stress levels have gone down and your social activities have gone up!

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