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Santa Claus Site

Posted by adminNY on October 27, 2021
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If you decide to try your hand in the business – you need "office on the Internet." Internet – the most successful area for business or to find partners, and the site – not just the face of your company, but also a resource that runs on increase in profits. Create an online store – design and creation of online stores will give you an opportunity to significantly expand the market for products / services. There is a proposal for the fun! Request a rental e-shop! You will not have to spend a lot of money and time, as if you ordered the creation of an online store from scratch. We got everything ready: a basic set of features, best use of the resources of the website visitor and administrator! Fill the online store to your product or service and start selling! The advantages of renting an instrument: – Time saving – when you decide to create a site in front of you there are several problems associated with the usual question – what to do, how and in what order – cost savings – a necessary and easy to manage complex functions – technical support and improvement of leased e-shop – providing quality hosting – services to fill the resource information. We care about our customers and give you the opportunity to save money and time. Signing the contract for the rental of an online store at 4 month, you pay only for 3 and 4th month – for free! Our web-studio specializes in creating web sites of any complexity: business card site, corporate site, online catalog, intrnet-shop, portal, flash-site, promotional site, development corporate identity, as well as on the promotion of a website, design promotional materials, etc. .. Kiev web-studio spacechalk (Space chalk") has for you a lot of interesting offers and Christmas gifts! We are glad to welcome you in our Away! May the New Year of health you will add! May the New Year bring you happiness! And leave all the good and the bad will take! Happy!.

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Round System

Posted by adminNY on September 23, 2018
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Information sites set themselves the task of inform users in certain areas of public life (government, educational sites, news sites and sites of non-profit companies, organizations, religious groups, as well as various public sites). Information sites are distinguished large volume placed on them: the text, tables, graphics, etc. Entertainment websites aim to entertain its visitors. Usually, goods sold – the very entertainment. Entertainment sites are typically rich in graphics, animation and special effects. Advertising website advertising site (site – advertising site) – a site from which income should come only from the sale of advertising space.

Navigation sites help users find relevant information via the Internet. Navigation sites are often referred to as Internet portals. These include search engines, directories, ratings, and some background sites. Artistic self-expression sites are some of the author, most often, a web designer. Influence on the art user site boils down to what he can or his mind to endorse or pass.

Enough art sites are often performed in avant-garde design. Personal site often called personal homepage, website – expression of its creator. On such sites the author explains, the terms of his hobbies and etc. Typically, these sites are not intended to make a profit. Combined websites combine two or more types of sites and their advantages: the commercial Internet portal, information and commercial site, etc. Feasibility of creating a type of site to determine the business: * Round site problems solved * The main purpose of the site and sub-goals * Budget Site Depending on the budget will depend on the selection of the document form, based on which site will be developed. Budget is directly dependent on: size of the site, the level of its technical complexity, level of professional web designer, terms of creating the site, the number of visitors site, and thus profit from the site. TECHNOLOGY OF THE SITE When developing your own sites using content management system (CMS). This occurs because of the inability of standard management systems solve all the problems. In developing the site into account all the nuances and additions made in the system, it is necessary to your site. The advantage of the control system is its flexibility and ease of setting up under any, even challenges your company. One of the advantages, of course, is the ease and convenience of the internal interface. Without any special knowledge and the expertise you can easily manage your website! The final stage of development of the site is its promotion on the Internet. Therefore, the control system is equipped with all the controls necessary for the effective promotion of web-resource. Towson Club Studio. Web Design, create, create, promotion and maintenance of websites.

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