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Posted by adminNY on April 27, 2020
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Often, companies have new domains requested, printed materials and signs on vehicles and buildings changed, because a Web Agency has sabotaged the cooperation. The material damage outweigh the loss of confidence. Hans Kolpak, Web since 1999: “let the finger from a provider that refuses to play with open cards! The angry awakening and the painful disillusionment come always inconvenient!” Note it is also that have registered domains and webspace to do anything legally. A domain name is registered with the help of special access in the Web browser and there associated with a specific IP in a data center. This can be changed at any time in a matter of seconds. The effort is entering a different IP.

Consumer protection and consumer education can unfold only if clients understand some a few basic terms and consider. Companies that generate their business partly or completely over the Internet, can and must afford to have no dependencies by service providers, the only contract or with the customer are connected through invoicing. The characteristic in the Internet, namely freedom and independence, will be abandoned lightly. Any legal protection is useless, because the Internet project must be maintained and updated content. Anwaltskanzeleien and courts cannot and will not make it. Hans Kolpak acts as a freelance copywriter since 1999 on the Internet, to gain more public social and political topics in the German-speaking world. Since 2008, he writes for customers presstexts and distributes them via Fachdienstleister on the Internet. Design of Web sites he helps its customers unique competitive advantages through DAO, the digital asset optimization: text, images, movies, news, XING, yasni, facebook, twitter and intensedebate.