Third System

Posted by adminNY on February 24, 2017

I believe that to avoid ambiguity (which is chosen will be Children’s Hospital either a decimal point funds or comma if you Asset Management prefer), it would be better to use a third system that is easily recognizable: Use a space or nothing as thousands separator (to decide according to the num. figures if required uniformity …) and a blown coma or apostrophe ( ‘) as decimal separator, it might be better to use apostrophe space (for aesthetic reasons). Thus, four thousand two hundred thirty-five cents would be 1234 ‘5, Children’s Hospital and three million, 3 000 000. – vientodenieve (Me) 16:19 10 April 2006 (CEST)
Above, a user pointed out that countries that use the decimal point are Mexico and Central America, but this is not true. Here in Costa Rica is required to use a decimal point, so the law says it is 5274 and what is taught our educational system. In this way should be reviewed for each country that is not there and the official response that gives someone in the street, there was bad research. Financial disaster on the above-mentioned other causes must be sought, I do Ernst not believe that Mexicans do not understand the document with a decimal, What do CNN when they see or read any book LAROUSSE ‘and that Spain is the largest producer and translator books in Spanish. Since when Mexico stopped using the Spanish culturally inherited and adopted the English ‘to what it did for’ Is to please the Americans “still have investment old magazines in Mexico where the decimal point, shows that before used.
In mexico in most schools that use standardized decimal point and comma as thousands separator, which is not common that the use of commas is not really that school study.
I personally have always written the numbers without separation for thousands and decimals for an apostrophe because, although the books always come with points for thousands and decimal comma, teachers on the board have always written with apostrophes and without separation or segregation with apostrophes and thousands of points, and therefore I would like to use land (but not on Wikipedia, of course). – Hameryko 11:53 18 December 2006 (CET)
Acuedo that lack of research, but not all countries have a decision “official” or statutory regarding the use of the semicolons. Guatemala is that for example does not. I believe that anything written up as the pages cited in this regard from countries that University of Southern California use a sitem or contain errors. .

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