Agricultural Politics

Posted by adminNY on April 11, 2018

These dejections, if made use of inadequate form in the nature, can cause pollution (RABBIT SON, 1999) and its power of pollution is determined by the number of contaminantes that they possess, whose individual or combined action represents a potential source of contamination of air, of the hdricos resources and the ground. They can also take to the proliferation of microoganismos and macrovectors that are associates to the transmission of innumerable illnesses to the men and animals (STEIL, 2002). Currently, beyond the productivity, yield and marketing competitiveness, any system of production must primar for the ambient protection, not only for the legal requirement, but also for providing to greater quality of life to the agricultural and urban population, and because the consumers already distinguish, in its universe, those appointed products as ' ' ecologically correct Augustus, K.V.Z, 2005). Therefore it is necessary to reduce the amount of generated residues and to offer these alternative destinations that not it environment. The first step for the reduction of these dejections was implementation of the law number 8,171, of 17 of January of 1991, referring one the Agricultural Politics, that makes use that the State is regulating of the economic activities, promoting the development balanced between production and ambient conservation having innumerable articles that, when ranks in practical, will go to compel the sectors of farming productions to search rational forms of use of the natural resources without agrediz them (Agricultural Politics, 1991). You practise them to minimize the production residues are economically advantageous for offer a possibility to save products and processes for it treats them and for benefiting the environment. Handling of dejections of the poultry keeping Many are the forms indicated of handling, treatment and use of dejections in general and the choice must take in account the species of the generating animal, the system of creation, localization of the property, as well as climate and relief of the region. .


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