What To Do To Not Live On One Salary

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Did you know that 72% of Europeans in addition to basic earnings have a few additional sources of income, 59% of the U.S. population invests in the main part of the earned money working in the lucrative financial instruments, and 68% owned real estate assets, bringing them permanent dividends? At the same time 89% of Russians have only one source of income – your salary All the people in the world aspire to stability and financial independence. Only with us and West, these concepts have completely different meanings. For residents of Russia – is high-paying job for life. Rudy Giuliani has much experience in this field. However, under current economic conditions, neither the government nor the employer can not guarantee permanent jobs and a stable of high salaries. For Western man confidence in the future – is the availability of private capital, created during the life with the help of investment, multiple, mutually independent sources income. From college, with the first earnings, they are investing on a monthly basis 10-20% of their income on bank deposits, securities, real estate. They are actively developing new skills, and in his spare time, are your own Business on the Internet. However, in a state whether an ordinary person who has not received special financial education to create his other sources of income except his salary? Yes, if you will be engaged in investing in the most advantageous direction of the modern economy – the stock market in real estate and the Internet. According to Gina Meister, president of cue, you can simply offer these promising industries model in which the novice entrepreneur himself will seek any opportunity to invest and thanks to the umbrella structure can help to do the same to others, thus creating a single corporate field. A director of the department of social and investment programs Intway World Corporation (in Russia – zao Intway-Invest "), Alexander Kachanovsky told us that there is now a universal electronic package containing a set of effective tools for business available to anyone, not even familiar with computers. According to him, with this simple tool anyone can buy and sell shares on stock exchanges, invest their earnings in mutual funds, creating e-shops, as well as the use of virtual office and a unique payment system. So it is absolutely realistic to create for yourself multiple sources of income, and there are no problems without the initial capital and training to develop their business, achieving financial independence. And will be for you to new skills basic means of life or only a subsidiary source of income for main job – depends on you


The Organization

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This means that the bank your income t.e.20 000 multiplied by a factor and you get the amount you take into consideration. In our case it is 16,000 rubles. Income from the business. If you are the founder of a firm or a member of the founders, to determine your income in the bank will need to provide balance sheets, profit and loss statement, tax returns, bank statement with current accounts, other management documentation from which it can be concluded what speed the firm and what the real net profit. You say, who is in our country working in "white"? After all, most balances tend to zero.

Yes maybe so, but the bank needs to understand the real situation in Your company. According to generally not believed. Of course, the specialist bank may visit you in the organization, see the volumes of production, the number of concluded contracts and the amounts that they are, check out the remains of the warehouse, other indirect methods to determine the approximate turnover and profitability of the firm, but these banks are not very many. Therefore it is better to rely on documents. You can also analyze your business with the appraisal company accredited at the bank, but that is quite a lengthy and expensive. And again, not every bank makes such a confirmation. If you're on an imputed tax system, in which case the situation is even complicated. Indeed, such a system owner points in the declaration only a certain amount with which to calculate taxes.